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PayPal Samples (These are test buttons, so click away!)

PayPal offers a wide variety of methods to make payments simple for your clients with additional support for inventory tracking, profit & loss, custom messages, invoices and other advanced features.

Here are a few examples that show the simplicity and power of PayPal.

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PayPal Standard Payment Buttons (HTML button)

Use when you want to be up and running quickly and have the least infrasturcture. PayPal tracks your products and inventory as well as profit and loss. You can have a variety of buttons including "Buy Now", "Add to Cart", and "Donate." With this option, the payment experience is on PayPal pages.

PayPal Express Payment Buttons

Use when you want to manage your products and inventory. These buttons also offer standard PayPal layouts so that customers recognize they are using PayPal. Users stay on the your page while interacting with an overlaid PayPal window. Order data can be captured after the transaction is complete.

Stacked or horizontal buttons

Add to PayPal Cart Buttons

These buttons add items to the PayPal Shopping cart. Examples of items might be a shirt available in many colors, or a book in hardcover, paperback, or electronic form. Buyers have the option to add special notes to the seller.

Your Store Item
Special instructions here:

View PayPal Cart

You can use the standard PayPal button or a custom image to view the cart on PayPal.

Coming soon - Braintree Integration

Demo will support Drop-ins and Hosted fields