Talking Baseball for Alexa

Talking Baseball is an Alexa Skill that tells a user various statistics about baseball players. The current version has information about any player's career or single-season stats through 2017.

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Talking Baseball knows about the following statistics:

Demographics: Birthdate, Height, Weight, Given Name

Batting: Batting Average, On Base Percentage, OPS (On base Plus Slugging), Slugging Percentage, Total Bases, Plate Appearances, At Bats, Games, Runs, Hits, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, Singles, Runs Batted In, Stolen Bases, Caught Stealing, Strikeouts, Walks, Intentional Walks, Sacrifice Hits, Sacrifice Flies, Sacrifices, Hit By Pitch

Pitching: Earned Run Average, WHIP (Walks + hits per Inning), BAA (Batting Average Against, Opponent Batting Average), GIDP, Wins, Losses, Games, IP, Starts, Complete Games, Saves, Shutouts, Strikeouts, Walks, Intentional Walks, Hits, HR, Runs, Earned Runs, Wild Pitches, Balks, Sacrifice Flies, Sacrifice Hits, Sacrifices, Win Percentage

Fielding: Fielding Percentage, Total Chances, Put Outs, Assists, Errors, Double Plays Turned, Passed Balls

Upcoming Features: Disambiguation of players with the same name (did you know there were three players named Randy Johnson?), Player Summaries, Sorted Ranked Stats - (best, highest, third best, etc.), Team Stats, Post-season Stats, All-Star Stats, Awards

Find Talking Baseball in the Alexa Skills Store